JDS China 中国年轻行政人员长期培养支援项目



Hitotsubashi University (National)

School of International and Public Policy
URL of Graduate School (English)
Name of Course/Program
Foreign Service Sub-program (Global Governance)
URL of Course/Program (English)
Master of International and Administrative Policy
Credit and years needed for graduation
44 credit, 2 years

Features of Graduate School

The School of International and Public Policy offers four programs including Public Law, Public Economy, Global Governance and Asian Public Policy. Among them, Global Governance Program accepts JDS students specialized in International Relations and foreign policy under the Foreign Service Sub-program, which was established to accept and train JDS students and mid-career students from all over the world.

The school aims at educating and training practitioners who seek their careers, with expertise of policy analysis and formulation, in public sector at local, national and international levels, the non-profit sector, and the corporate sector. In particular, Global Governance program aims at nurturing individuals who contribute to making the world better, more peaceful and stable, more sustainable, and more respectful to human dignity. The program will train students in diverse disciplines such as International Law, International Relations, and International History. It also emphasizes the acquisition of practical skills through interactions with practitioners, group projects and presentations, and debates.

Global Governance program welcomes international students with diverse backgrounds. Interactions among those who have different backgrounds provide with opportunities to respect and take into account diverse views and opinions in shaping thoughts and ideas for policies. At the same time, we maintain appropriate mix of Japanese and international students to foster mutual understanding and learning.

Global Governance program offers only limited numbers of admissions (approximately 15 to 20 in total including both Japanese and international students a year). It makes the admission competitive, but help maintain the quality of education. We expect that students in the JDS scheme also will meet our standard of admission. So far, JDS students whom we have accepted have met such standards.

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Features of the Course/Program

Title of the Program for JDS students:
Foreign Service Sub-program, Global Governance Program, School of International and Public Policy

Objective of the Program:
Foreign Service Sub-program aims to develop those who are engaging in foreign services in Asian countries and beyond, into higher-informed and skilled professionals in terms of the ability of analyzing, formulating and implementing foreign policies.

Overview of the Program:
Foreign Service Sub-program was established to primarily train mid-career students from abroad, or JDS students in particular. Students in this sub-program can complete the Master’s program at IPP, by taking courses taught in English.

Features of the Master’s Program:
・Flexibility: Because interests of JDS students are diverse, depending on policy priorities of their countries, Foreign Service Sub-program has more flexibility in curriculum requirement although the necessary credits for graduation remain the same.
・Small sized classes: Most of the classes are offered in a small group, and emphasize discussions and presentations over lectures. It makes it possible for students to have candid and thorough discussions. It helps instructors well grasp needs of each student.
・Action oriented: It also emphasizes group works. It helps students acquire sense of team work, importance of communication, and true friendships, which is important to establish good working relationships.

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Necessary Curriculum to Obtain the Degrees

Courses taught through English language for the 2024 academic year (English Course)

Note: see attachment 1

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List of Faculty members capable of guiding JDS China Fellows
and their Research Specialties

AKIYAMA, Nobumasa, Professor/International relations
OBAYASHI, Kazuhiro, Professor/Political Science
○ICHIHARA, Maiko, Professor/International relations
TAKEMURA, Hitomi, Professor/International criminal law
KWON, Yongseok, Associate Professor/International relations

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Academic Schedule

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Facilities (ex: Library, PCs, Gymnasium etc.)

JDS students have access to university facilities just as other students of the School of International and Public Policy. Such facilities include the university library, IPP Common Room, IPP reference room, health center, etc.
JDS students are eligible to apply for the International House (dormitory). However, there will be no special consideration for JDS. Therefore, it is subject to availability and a drawing.

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Advice for Graduate School Applicants

Selection of the program candidates will be made on the basis of the application documents submitted by the applicants who passed the screening by the JDS process. In the selection process, we will take into consideration not only the expertise of the applicants but also their ability to identify and frame problems well, to analyze data skillfully, to think theoretically, and to write well-informed and well-considered reports and documents.